Innovating towards the traditional - Facebook & Amazon

Just a short post now - and really just two observations/trends I have commented on before that are continuing their trajectory.

Amazon bring grocery delivery to the UK - Announced today, Amazon will be bringing their "Fresh" service to the UK, starting with London and Leeds - continuing with my previous observations on innovating towards the traditional.

Facebook messenger no longer needs a Facebook account - this is older news, and I have been meaning to comment on this for a while. Basically, customers can now sign up for and start using Messenger without an account, just using a phone number, which is an un-surprising move towards phone as identity and recognising that the phone has the potential to be a node in any social connected network on the platform (much like I have preached about before..).  It is also another step towards Facebook moving further down the stack and more directly competing with native messaging apps as a system level.