Best free stock images

As internet speeds generally continue to increase, the trend to have full screen background images continues.  I like to have full screen images on splash screens and landing pages, so here are some of the best (free) image resources I have found online:

  • - 10 new completely free hi quality photos every 10 days. Lots of great photography, with nice landscape/outdoors stuff (archive)
  • Death to the stock photo - an email based subscription, where original high quality shots are sent to you via email
  • The Pattern Library - I love this, not stock photography, but an art project of background textures/patterns. Just scroll down to check them out. This is my favourite.
  • Subtle Patterns - Similar to above, not stock photos, but nice, free to use textures. Simpler than the pattern library, but lots of nice backgrounds to use.
  • Free Images (formerly stock.exchg) - If you can ignore the site design & adverts, and wade through the 90s style stock graphics, there are still alot of nice images to use.
  • Pic Jumbo - More high quality, large images