Sal Khan has changed my mind

This lecture is great - It's by Sal Khan from Khan Academy - and Sal talks about how Khan Academy started up and some of its goals.

I had previously started writing an article about the current raft of tech-education startups (Khan Academy, Udacity, Coursera, etc) and how I didn't think they were really in a place to disrupt education in the UK/US. I thought they were great in providing the lectures/materials to everyone with a web connection, but didn't see how they were going to change education systems here.

I thought they were all focused on providing a tech solution, and I didn't really think that a technology could replace human lead education, and without the personal engagement and stimulation to encourage individual learning it would inevitably lead to distraction and local optima in knowledge - but the things that Khan Academy are doing with schools are really exciting.

Well worth a listen.