Looking for a new job? with an awesome high-tech/startup?

I have just been involved in launching a new site called http://nerdability.com

The site is a new place that allows us decent, hardworking tech folks to build real, representative resumes to help cut through the endless crap that is so often the tech recruiting process.

No one is really at fault with the problems in the current recruitment process. We know it's really tough to hire tech people, as its a specialist skill blended with a touch of creativity and art, so how in the world can a potential employer/recruiter realistically asses whether we can actually do what we claim?  Enter NerdAbility. NerdAbility is online resume builder that allows users to sign up, and then connect their resume with their blog, stackOverflow profile, GitHub account, etc - the end result being you have a living CV, everytime you get up-voted on StackOverflow, or commit to an open source project you are working on in GitHub, it gets reflected in your resume. So now, you can share a resume (all users have a publicly facing url that they can tweet/facebook/email to recruiters) that really shows what you have achieved, and employers can go ahead and see your code you have commited, or see how you solve problems by your answers on StackOverflow.

There are of course plans to continue building the product, including further code repository integration, but also an opportunity for companies to make profiles and start pitching to you why you should want to go work for them (plus of course, they will be able to list job openings).

It is open to everyone worldwide (y'all know how the internet works) - but being as we are based in London, we will be first targeting the UK and Europe to get wicked-cool startups and hi-tech companies on board.

All in all, we think its pretty ace.

So come on over and join the party