Cutting Room - An In-Phone Photo Effects & Filter App

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I have a brand new Android app out right now called Cutting Room. It is a fairly simple app for applying a range of effects and filters to your photos in-phone.

The basic idea is you start up the app, take a photo, then select any of the range of effects that you want to apply to it! The current list of effects include things like inverting the images, black&white, pixelate, pencil drawn (make it look like a hand drawn pencil pic), neon (make the outlines of the picture a random fluorescent colour). You can then save the image and do whatever you want with it! (send to friends, upload to facebook/twitter, etc)

Their will be an update fairly soon so you can load your own photos into the app for FX-ing too.

Check it out here.

For the techies amongst you, I will also be releasing the code that I used to apply the filters to the photos - check out the Google Code page with all the details.