2015. Plans & resolutions

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As it is a new year again, I have been toying with the idea of some sort of resolutions, but it's hard to come up with anything really meaningful and achievable.

I thought about (and am still thinking about) creating something every month - which has the nice fallback that even during a hectic month, I should have a chance to at least cook something, so even if it ends up being 12 months of just creating some meals, at least its something to aim for.  There are lots of projects that I have either started or keep meaning to get underway which would be good contenders for the monthly fun.

One of the stretch-goals, kind of in hand with the monthly objectives is towards the end of the year it would be nice to setup another company - doing what is still undecided!  Hopefully I suppose the plan is that this will be the result of one of the monthly projects, but let's see.

Possible things on the list..
  • Made of these - a family/private photo app to capture, annotate and privately share photos of your family
  • My lego Pi robot - a year later, I still haven't had a chance to sit down and concentrate on getting even my lego dc motor working with my Pi
  • CREAM - personal finance management app - previously mentioned before
  • a whole bunch of food ideas
  • unknown ideas - still interested in the enterprise, education or public services space

More generally, the aim is to be more pro-active and productive.. I have signed up for the Stanford Machine Learning course on Coursera, that has just started last week - but I'm not sure I will have the time to complete that on schedule (a good start to the year, right?!) so will maybe complete that over a longer time period - I completed the Stanford Algorithms course last year in my own time, and that was pretty good.

Anyway, it's approaching the end of January 2015, so what have I done:

Cooked a bunch, and started a food blog

So yeah. I cooked a bit, made up some recipes, and finally setup a food blog. I am really enjoying that so far, as the blog is helping motivate me to be creative in cooking.

Created/Updated a friends site

An aspiring singer friend of mine recently appeared on the BBC's The Voice (TV show in the UK) and was keen for his site to be updated.  It's just a basic Twitter Bootstrap template, but it was fun playing with js settings and general layout to get the stuff online. Check it out here.