Cream money management - A Side project

Cash rules everything around me, it's all about the money, dollar dollar bill yo

I have for some time been bemoaning the state of online banking in the UK offered by the major banks I have banked with. It feels like they just can't be bothered - they are confident that no-one is going to disrupt them so they just don't make any effort.

My current bank makes it almost impossible to manually pay off your own credit card online, and all it really offers is a list of transactions against an account - the only good thing it offers is the ability to download your transactions.

It's frustrating. They have so much information, but provide so little.  So I told my wife I would make us an app to make this better.

Features of the app are:

  • create multiple accounts to manage together
  • upload statement/transaction lists as exported from online bank providers
  • automatically categorise and tag as many imported transactions as possible based on a set of rules
  • using sensible full text search, attempt to categorise and tag any remaining transactions based on other similar transactions that have been tagged
  • allow manual tagging/categorisation of transactions (that will then feed back into later imports of transactions etc)
  • link together transaction groups - identify recurring transactions and group them so they can be automatically categorised and tagged and also provide alerts/warnings on changes in payments (e.g. if a recurring transaction suddenly increases in cost, then it likely suggests that a fixed price deal has come to an end etc, so the system identifies this and alerts the user to the change
  • easy filtering and cutting up of data based on category, tags, date, price, description etc.. basically anything
  • tonnes of charts to show the different cuts of data and interesting points