Raspberry Pi: My Shopping List for getting started

As mentioned, I am completely new to electronics stuff really so I have been trying to get everything sorted and ready to get started. Coming from a Java/JVM dev background, I'm going to try and write up my experiences and things I think are different/difficult etc.

One of the first thing I did, having read a fair few tutorials/blogs on the topic, was work out all the components I needed/wanted to buy. Most of the components are really cheap, and I really didn't want to be caught short mid-development finding out I had to go out and buy something (a luxury that never happens with my usual development process - the most I have to do is go on the web and look for something).

Before I get started, here are the things I bought, which might be useful if planning on following the other posts.

They are all amazon affiliates links - which means if you buy via these links amazon gives me some cash, but won't cost you anything.