Handsome - A ColdFusion Dashboard

A while ago I came across a dashboard webapp made by Shopify called Dashing. It's a fairly simple concept, it's a web dashboard using Ruby & some slick js libraries to create your own custom dashboard with stats/graphs/etc.  The Shopify guys had made it for use internally showing their own stats and had open sourced.

I had a look around, and it looked pretty nice, and I was interested in how they had put it together, so decided to have a go at making my own version of it.

Obviously the real work is in making all the different widget adaptors so they can be re-used & fed any data needed to make it highly customisable - the kind of work that can only be done/worthwhile if working on an actual product with real data/use-cases.

You can see an example of the Shopify guys library over on Heroku (when it's running) - and their code is on their GitHub.

The version I built was originally built with ColdFusion 10 and a bunch of javascript libraries - including backbone.js.  Here are some screenshots - it's pretty simple, just some drag & drop components with pretty colours and widgets - so far an RSS reading widget, a line chart, a gage and a basic text widget(latest tweet).

My code is all here. My demo is here (demo is actually the same code dropped into a quick spring app, as I don't have CF hosting) - running on AppFog - when it's running.  I actually wrote this some time ago last year, but figured I might as well jam it up here, with some screenshots


  1. I downloaded your code and get the following error when attempting to browse.

    Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface fusebox5.Application.


  2. Unfortunately the app was built on top of the Fusebox framework - so that is a required dependency http://www.fusebox.org/ - in the short term to try it out you can grab that and it should all work - however, all that fusebox really provides is request routing to controllers etc, so could easily be stripped out of the app.