A Programmers Resolutions

The last week or two there was an article linked on HN about 12-month long resolutions for programmers - It was a nice read, so check it out

I would love to say Im gonna do them all, but there has got to be a very slim chance of that.. but there are a few i would like to complete, and some that I will complete just because it happens to match my other plans for the year:

(For more details, or examples of what the OP meant by each point jump through on the link)

  1. Go analog- So yeah, I'm gonna do this one. I love cooking anyway, and always looking to do more of that, and it just so happens I got an awesome BBQ over Christmas, so just waiting for some dry weather to get that out and start spit-roasting some meat. I would love to start a cookery blog, but given how long it takes between posts here, that might be tough.
  2. Stay healthy - would like to try, as always. But we will see.
  3. Embrace the uncomfortable.
  4. Learn a new programming language - Yes, Flutterby released I plan to sit down and learn. Probably a functional language.
  5. Automate.
  6. Learn more mathematics - would love to..
  7. Focus on security.
  8. Back up your data - Im sure I will do this, with so many cloud data offerings this is gonna happen (and already has in places).
  9. Learn more theory.
  10. Engage the arts and humanities- In another life there are loads of other things I would like to have been (wine taster, music producer, phtographer/film maker, movie critic) - and I try to embrace these other things when I get the chance, so maybe I will set up a movie blog for a month.. (watch this space!)
  11. Learn new software.
  12. Complete a personal project - Its on its way, Flutterby! this will hopefully be the January resolution hit at least.

 Check out the link. Has some interesting chat.