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Following on from the RSS Reader, some time last year I was investigating using Twitter in some of my apps, so I put together this simple Twitter reader (it only reads tweets from a given user - it doesnt allow posting etc)

For the most it is the same as the RSS Reader in terms of laying out the Android Lists and the layout.xml, so I won't go over that, I will just go through the Twitter integration.

The first step is to retrieve all the tweets, for this I am using the very useful Twitter4J Java library that simply wraps the Twitter API with a Java API

Twitter twitter = new TwitterFactory().getInstance();
  List statuses = new ArrayList();
     try {
   statuses = twitter.getUserTimeline(screenName);
  } catch (TwitterException e) {
   Log.e("Twitter", "Error logging in to Twitter");
   Log.e("Twitter", e.getMessage());

Once you have the list of latest tweets, I convert them in to JSON so my listAdapter can process them more easily:

ArrayList JOBS = new ArrayList();
  try {
   if (statuses.size()>0){
    for (Status s : statuses){
     String avatar = "http://" + s.getUser().getProfileImageURL().getHost() + s.getUser().getProfileImageURL().getPath();
     JSONObject object = new JSONObject();
     object.put("tweet", s.getText());
     String timePosted = Utility.getDateDifference(s.getCreatedAt());
     object.put("tweetDate", timePosted);
     object.put("author", s.getUser().getName());
     object.put("avatar", avatar);
     object.put("userObj", s.getUser());
     object.put("tweetId", s.getId());
    JSONObject object = new JSONObject();
    object.put("tweet", "You have not logged in yet! Please log on to view latest tweets");
    object.put("author", "");

  } catch (JSONException e1) {
   Log.e("JSON", "There was an error creating the JSONObject", e1);

And thats pretty much that! the listAdapter just pulls the information out of the JSON objects as per above and displays as necessary. The only other thing I will show is a little Date util class to make the date posted a little more fun:

public static String getDateDifference(Date thenDate){
        Calendar now = Calendar.getInstance();
        Calendar then = Calendar.getInstance();
        now.setTime(new Date());

        // Get the represented date in milliseconds
        long nowMs = now.getTimeInMillis();
        long thenMs = then.getTimeInMillis();
        // Calculate difference in milliseconds
        long diff = nowMs - thenMs;
        // Calculate difference in seconds
        long diffMinutes = diff / (60 * 1000);
        long diffHours = diff / (60 * 60 * 1000);
        long diffDays = diff / (24 * 60 * 60 * 1000);

  if (diffMinutes<60){
   if (diffMinutes==1)
    return diffMinutes + " minute ago";
    return diffMinutes + " minutes ago";
  } else if (diffHours<24){
   if (diffHours==1)
    return diffHours + " hour ago";
    return diffHours + " hours ago";
  }else if (diffDays<30){
   if (diffDays==1)
    return diffDays + " day ago";
    return diffDays + " days ago";
  }else {
   return "a long time ago..";


  1. The twitter reader allows you to view and edit your profile from within the app, browse your followers and follow/unfollow/managed blocked users from inside the app. And also Supports native retweets and "quote" retweets so you can comment before posting.

  2. i want facebook,twitter,linkedIn account information of user in android like here when we want to comment then they ask for choose account of different type and then after login site can get user name of that account and post comment using that user name

  3. how to get the eamil of the logged in user