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I decided my usual blog, Geek-Chic, was getting a little overcrowded with random musings and posting about gadgets, music, and well i suppose style (i use the term very loosely!) to continue posting my deeper, darker tech rants there - Im sure people viewing the blog and reading about the new Cee-Lo video, or hip hop samples didn't neccessarily want to be updated with a random Android tutorial, and vice versa, so here we are, at a new home.

I would have liked nicer seperation of categories, or pages in Blogger to allow a single site with different tab views of the different content, but it seems pages on blogger are only for static text, so i have created a new blog and cunningly put a link on the top navigation bar, so you can (almost) seamlessly navigate between the two different blogs as though they were linked.

Anyway, thats enough of a welcome, i hope this blog becomes useful!